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Helping you deliver an exceptional student experience

Our Student First SIS encourages students to take an active role in the day-to-day management of their educational journey


Our solution is designed specifically to fit the unique needs of today’s colleges and universities. As the name implies, Student First SIS has been developed with a student centric vision enabling not only a new and fresh experience, but also one that students can personalize right down to the language they wish to engage in. We’re partnering with institutions looking to revolutionize the student and administrator experience with modern and affordable technology.

Our promise​


Our student dashboards are modeled after successful eCommerce websites. Thus, delivering a user experience that’s rich and engaging. Students have access to self-service admissions, degree planning, program and course registration, financial services, and beyond using the device of their choice. With Student First SIS, you equip your constituents to manage their academic affairs, as well as their future, from day one.


With Student First SIS your staff avoids countless hours configuring legacy applications. The solution is pre-configured with standards-based best practices to simplify implementation and deliver an affordable product. Online training resources are available for administrators to view on-demand, whether they need a quick refresher, in-depth instruction, or new staff onboarding.


Student First SIS provides database management tools to track students’ progress, take attendance, and schedule classes and course registrations. The solution also streamlines lesson planning, assignments, exams, and grading. This gives faculty the freedom to do what they really love…teach.

IT Department

Student First SIS is a cloud-native, SaaS solution and requires no new investment in local infrastructure. This reduces the workload on your existing IT resources. Our platform is delivered at a cost that is a fraction of current industry norms. And unlike many legacy solutions, there are no hidden fees beyond the SaaS subscription. Implementation can be completed in six months or less without disrupting your IT staff’s current commitments.